Glow Today, Gone Tomorrow.

What grew yesterday, glows today, and will fall tomorrow.



Free compliments, please take one.


I love your hair.

That outfit looks nice on you today.

That was hard, you’re really strong.

Great job today!

You make others smile, when you smile.

How you managed that, I’m impressed.

Thank you for your hard work.

Amazing, that sucked and you rocked it!

I like your face.

I like your body.

You smell nice.

Lesson learned, thank you for the help.

Your advice is genius, I’ll try that.

You really surprise me, wow, well done.

What a great idea you had today.

I like your car.

I love your eyes.

Your intellegence is enticing.

How did you conquer all that, wow!

You are amazing.

You have nice things.

You are truly one of a kind.

Mean isn’t nice, you’re nice.

People love you.

Thank you for being you.





You rise

You shine

Another day we dine

Tomorrow will stay

It’s always a new day

But still tomorrow.

Drink in today

For tomorrow

Is a whole day away.

Instinctual Bounty

I’m wondering why we do what we do as we do it?

So many driving forces. I was once told that our primitive mind would be searching for food and the incesent need to do so is where our finance drive comes from. We need money to buy the food and hence survival, therefore creating anxiety until an abundance if wealth or food is accomplished.

This conversatiion arose driving past a farm field and having an urge, a draw, a desire to go to that field, wanting to harvest and hold the bounty.

Thinking why do I want that?

The answer was simpler than I thoughr.

Simply, I want to survive.

I want to live, thrive and relish in the bounties of life, it’s instinctual.

Go Pedestrial

You can do it, you’re strong, you have lived so long.


Hurtful words and constant expectations are a bore. Others feel they need to feel like they have authority, that is why they act this way.

They are unable to see their behavior for what it is, they only see the tree.

Look closer as I speak for the trees, the Lorax knew, when will we?


Pedestrian to you, but amazing to me.


Go pedestrial, the trees are waiting.


Fly with a friend

Flutter, flutter by, little butterfly’s.

What jounies you must have seen,

Flying by the wind.

A flight of sight,  you have been.


Share the journey, see the need.

To fly, we must take the lead.

Open your eyes for a mental picture

Adults need to hear they are doing a great job, you are, you have and you will; everyone needs to hear it, know it, believe it and best of all live it. We tell children praises and compliments right and left. Have you thought of those passing by or, people sitting to your right how about those walking past your left?

I wish everyone could feel as though their signifigance is great, even if it is for the slightest of traits, you have a purpose.

You are Wonder Woman. Children accept when we tell them they are great, we can accept our greatness as well.


Fierce like a dragon. You have a gift that can be shared with your neighbor, your barista, even, your enemy. They may not be as such if you got to know them. Their troubles their hardships, their passion their triumphs. We all have glory days and insane days.


Light as a fairy will you feel, once you share a grin. I one day hope we all have them coexist more fluidly, glory and insanity; together as people of differences, yet we are so much alike. With basic needs being essential to all.

Every blink is a new picture.

Every step a new experience.

Windows to our soul,

Our eyes don’t deceive us.

Except when we can’t perceive what we see.

Be and let be.

See the best, even in the worst,

make it better.

It will free you to see,

that the light reflected back

is for a mental picture.

It cannot be lost or stolen.

Pictures start as negatives,

Give them light and develop them within.



Happiness is

as happiness does.

Today is

what never was.

It will be,

always will be, today.


Happiness will be,

as it always was.

Unless you change, just because.

Tomorrow is a new day,

it can never be today.

If your cup is empty,

fill it up.


Drink in life,

and get filled up.