20170425_143615Even throughout our existance we question the world, talk about the weather and hope for the best.

Look back at the worst and live for the best in every day.



sometimes we feel the rain

sometimes we feel the pain
sometimes, sometimes
 the sun
dries up the rain.
the sun heals our pain
open up to me
push the clouds away
wash it away
take it away
all the grey make it yellow
there is still today
its a laquered kind of day
glossed over, shining bright
too bright to find a way
to see,
to fight
make a way
through the rain
through the pain
like the clouds
filled with rain
your heart will swell
and say why in gods name
open up to me
clouds seperate
give us back this day.
to the devine
we shall lay
until we get out of the rain.
open up for me
sun shine your rays
glow your glow today
warm my face
with your power
from within.
it will dry your heart
to see it again
sun shinesssss
while th e clouds float away
higher into the blue
until there is no rain stopping you
above us you
see our days
watch us close
while we say our prayers
feel your presence
in our heart
no matter
where you are
 you’ll always be
inside of me
open up to me
sun shine your rays
warm our hearts
 and save all our days
for the sunshine that stays

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