This April snow reminds me of walking in the middle of the night by moon and starlite surrounded by woods of tall oaks and pines. Nervous of what lies beyond the path, feeling trust in my guide love leading the way. Around the bend back to safety of firelight.20170427_090050



the moon shines so bright

the stars light up the night
reflections among us
dancing through the shadows
giving us light
the one star shines so bright
directions to lead us right
lit up before us
is the glow of the light
follow the star
follow your heart
with the moon
your star shines the brightest in the night
we’ll follow you
follow you
wherever you are
we’ll come find you
in the dark.
to show you
your light bright
hold us hold us from fright
you carry us you fight the fight
to provide every light in the night
not all days will
end with stars
but if we stare,
we’ll know the light is there
your light carries me
all through the dark
Ironic Muse

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