20170409_080649It’s hard to believe that one person, can flip your day in a matter of a few minutes. Those few minutes could be cherished, but instead are battles within, to be pushed deeper out of the presence of our minds.

I vow, to be able to hear a list of inadequate features in my existence and not back down. I will not allow the perception of any fears, make me who I am. I am strong and I am a fighter. I will fight to the death when provoked. No one can take the energy i’ve so carefully collected in this life, to consume for their own power.

Power is a sense of control. Will to power per se. Maybe it should be a 6th sense? It’s incorporated into every part of our day, our lives, and our selves. If we all had a better understanding of power; were taught of it’s essence, we could harness the ability to empower rather than overpower.

My Empowered self often creates a false ego. An ironic muse to myself. I’m not a a muse, I needed one and so do you, creating one may be your only option.

My ego is not amused, but even the most stubborn can see the irony in life. I read once “we need absence to value presence” relating this to power is mystifying to me beyond my conceptualizational capacity. If we don’t have power we value it more? Yes.

Giving up control allows us to appreciate the control we once had. BUT If we were never given control would we understand the value of our loss? I ponder this in other cultures, coming to the conclusion that ignorance is bliss. In darkness we need light, in light we see shadows reminding us of what lurks underneath.

Power to will.


It’s an idea

Society needs us.


We relate to the greats

To pave our own way


Society needs us

It can aleve us

From our own pain


Ideas between us

Make it all clear to us

Makes it all true

To believe in you.

Sticking together and believing forever

the idea.


Is really fear.


Society needs us

When we believe it

It can aleve us

Its all a game.

It can be freeing

For some time.


Society needs us

It has bereaved us

With Ideas the same

Scope it out

And set your sites in

Look for your answers within

Understand WHY we do

Believe what you will

Hold your truth

So close to fear


Makes us different

Me and you.


Society needs us

It only percieves us

Ideas the same

Realize why you

Improve to be new

Makes us all try


Society needs us.

It will proceed us.

Forever, Again.


Together we believe

Theres a better way

To help get through

Every day.


Paves the way

Society needs us,

It needs you.



Ironic Muse

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