via Daily Prompt: Apprentice

Life Apprentice

Sometimes the “in” crowd can be exhausting. So time consuming to “keep up with Jone’s” as my dad would say.

What is my definition of “in” you ask?

I would define it as: up to date. On fashion, technology, business, education, and social excellence.

Why after writing that do I feel angry?

I’m angry because fashion is always changing, technology always advancing, business forever fluctuating, education is endless and social excellence is judged by your peers.

Is this definition bias?
No, more prejudice than bias.

Prejudice because we can not all excel in all of these categories. To aspire and achieve each situation that arises before us, is all one human can ask of one another.

An angry party might say “that’s settling” I say it’s accepting the surroundings around you and aspiring for more, in the form of excellence; because we all need aspirations to work toward. We can and will.

Where you fit in is up to you.

In-complete, In-satiable, in-correct

in-credible, in-teresting, in-tellect.

No matter our way in to the “in” crowd we reside, we always have a chance to change tomorrow..

Life is full of surprises.

We can “fit in” provided we mold ourselvea into the desired shape to fit into the puzzle we choose to be a part of; may it be a complex masterpiece.


Ironic Muse

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