20170501_121022Is it possible to feel a thought moreso, than you “think” it?

PTSD for example would be describing a similar feelimg or side effect per se, but what about without negativity or positivity only a sense of neutral.

Where the thought is felt so much so that it surrounds you in a day dream without being hallucinating (or sleeping) and triggers an emotional response.

Actor’s being able to cry on que, I would think use this form of thinking.

What if having complete control over your emotions would enable you to have thoughts that enable you to walk past peers and feel every thought thunk in your presence. Empathy.. Empats, poeple whom carry the burden of their surroundings.

To walk past anguish and not stop.

When will we see that we can not see?

We have eyes that only “see” when open; there can only be light in darkness, otherwise the circle of life isn’t complete.

I like circles, they are neverending and always seem to be going somewhere. Even stretched to thin and stuck together they are symbols of infinity.

How does a circle make you feel?

Now a star?

Did anything change? mine did.

Thoughts make you feel and some hide so much so from it, to avoid thinking a thought you might latet regret.

Every thought has a consequence whether we choose to think them individually or as a group. Each feeling differently, if we choose the right “feeling” thought, does it improve our consequence and deem it then a reward?

I like to think so. Life is a reward well deserved. When we truly appreciate it, we will fear less the consequences. Only then will we be able to relish in the idea that life is a lucid thought. A thought we can imagine up to infinity.

Ironic Muse

when i close my eyes
I see you smiling
slowly turning angry,
I open them
I see you angry

I want to sleep
to see you happy,
the more i cry
the more i sleep
the more i sleep
the easier i weep

you don’t see
I can’t always
be the rainbow,

you can’t always be
a cloud that’s grey

i need to be
the rain cloud, too

if i’m a cloud
trying to be a rainbow
with another cloud
everything is all grey.

no colors
no prism.

only fluff
and ruffles
floating away
distant and together
forever in today.

You can’t have a rainbow
without a rain cloud.
You have to have both.

Maybe.. we are the rain
as it falls exploding each drop
Maybe.. we are the wind
pushing into unknown territory.
we remain the same
or alternating if you will.

I will create
the storm
as it once blew in.

A creation of life
we will begin
to forego the pressures
and start over.
To create
a relationship anew.

Together with you.
my love.

From love,
built from within.

Decadence .. without sin.

Ironic Muse

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