Just this morning, I decidedly wandered outside to feel the morning sun on my face. Sat on a field stone and looked down to my wrist of the hand that held the clay mug. A bee sat, looking smaller than I remember and after a second it zipped up to the center of my eyes on my nose. Instantly adrenaline rushes my body, the urge to do something or hold still. Both at once. A thousand thoughts compressed into a mere second. Feeling a rush take over my whole everything.

Almost as quickly as it landed, it flew away. One look and it was gone. Got me to think about the threat of the bee population.

In that instant made me realize two things. Bee’s are good and bee’s are bad. Good as in we need them to survive and bad because they can harm us on an individual basis.

So with so many mixed good with bad interpretations of the threat to the population causes me to personally withdraw from the fight. Questioning my actions.. simple as am I planting the wrong thing?

I hope others are more compelled to save them, because the guilt I feel based on marketing skills used by advertisers is making me vacate the fight, sadly.

Sorry bee’s, I will always plant for you.


via Photo Challenge: Danger!

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