I had a dream of a woman whom I felt was close to me, as I could see her face speaking to me.. also in daytime in my periphial I saw her twice.. I tried quick hand sketching to see if it would flow. I had to stop for I was frightened..  the woman I see and dreamt is me. powering from within. Hinder or help.. I’m here.

Forever confined to giving.

I would like the gift of love; not in a box or with a bow,  but from your eyes. Sealed with truth. Enflamed with heat.

Gift of love

Gifts can be bought
Gifts can be sold

thinking a lot
it never gets old

what to do
where to go

doesn’t matter if it’s old
doesn’t matter if it’s new

I find it in the one
that I find true

I can’t be blue,
all i need is you.

no gifts of things
no gifts with strings

bought and paid
I’m here for you

making everyday better
is all that i can do

i will struggle
i will strife
give up my life!

For you or anyone too

I live my days
hiding my say,

it’s just easier that way.

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