I am so tired of feelings. What form of oppression are we enduring to battle to be our true selves? To think about each choice individually as a moment in our existence that affects our future selves.

To be able to revel in the choice best suitable for our inner peace and then be satisfied with the choice we are choosing for ourselves, is not a small feat to conquer.

I encourage you to take each step, each choice, each moment reflecting on the innermost needs of your soul. Needs more importantly, than wants.
Starting with food, we eat to refuel, not to overindulge..  for example. You may not have that overindulgence in this area of your life, but it may cause you to partake in a different area of indulgence to compensate in another area. You are not alone, sometimes, we are not even realizing our choices creating secondary choices amongst the first. Also taking note that after our needs are fullfilled our wants take over. Whatever they may consist of; to each their own desires.

Thinking about how wants and needs coexist, they should be more fluid, streamline and parallel with each other. Needs can never be equivelant to our wants, no matter how we try to convince ourselves of their importance.

Our wants and needs have value, they define who and what we want. We CAN be strong enough to ask ourselves for the gift of providing ourselves with such fullfillment of all our desires. We have to believe we can, we deserve to and that we will, or we won’t.

Pertaining to anything, relationships that are romantic, platonic or not existant. We have the power to change ourselves, not those around us. Trying to change others only deters us from our original personal goals trying to gain personal improvement over our lives. Focus on you.

Giving up is not an option, giving in is a choice.

Choose wisely for thr gift you give connects you to thr next gift you choose to offer. Repetitive routine is the human way, breaking the cycle is only a footstep on the path.

Break your path, make your trail and lead it to the divine existence of you. Who YOU want to be, who YOU crave to be. Just be YOU! I love you, YOU are amazing and always were.

Only love today..
See flowers not weeds.

I believe in you, yes YOU! So should you.

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