I once told someone they needed to share their self with people more. That people need people. We bring out our innermost brilliance in the presence of others. Our luminesence if you will, reflecting back to us upon their personality empowered and enlivening our lives; gleaned with gleaming splendor.

Thinking lying right beneath the surface, there lay so much passion it's eminating; a radiance enticeable to those who care to look. I realize now, I was speaking to myself. In a way I can only speak outward to others.

Funny, I thought saying this back in a way to myself sounds silly, but to speak it truly and mean it to others, and have it feel profound is familiar. Me listening to myself.. unfamiliar. As though I care for my surroundings more dearly than myself; homeostasus being the founder of my desires rather than true self wanted motivations.
So, self. You listen and hear your own words.. or they will own you.

You can’t fake emotions, only power.

Empower yourself, it’s your real power.

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