Life is like a Rollercoaster.. there are a lot of ups and downs; exhilerating and scary, but just know we are all strapped in and safe.

You are safe in the comfort of your mind. There, no one can intrude.

You are you and you are great! No matter the little negative thoughts that sneak in. (3,000 a day) what matters are the counter thoughts. Counter yourself, question yourself, and choose.

Choice is power and no one can give you your choice, that will always be yours to choose. “Scratch your mad spot and get over it” my dad would say.

He was stubborn and so am I. I would love to share my gift of stubbornness with you, be stubborn; it’s okay, we all are for one thing or another. In my mind stubborn=will.

This may not be “correct” per se, but to be willing to stand up for what you believe in takes will power and a bit of stubborn power helps glue you together.



You have the way, you have the power, just add a little will.

Will you?



Yes, you will because you are willing.




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