Every drip that drops bounces as it goes.

Like people, we have to shapeshift be consumed and grow into something different, something bigger and better.


OR.. we’re consumed entirely and eaten whole.

I prefer the former of the two, it’s all about perspective and perception of your tasks and functions. Motivated and mused into the right perspective we can allow ourselves to perceive our existance as is before us, in a better light. Sometimes the mirror of our lives isn’t picture perfect, but we all can figurativly straighten up.

One example, dress as you feel; feeling joy, genuine joy in the products and materials around you. Their effects sneak into our minds as a perspective shifter and sometimes not liking something enables us the forsight of changing that dislike.

Our proverbial reflection I’ve noticed one example can be  of our homes, things we like and don’t about it; instead think “what can I do” even a small task or simple step towards betterment, feels better. Progress.

Big Picture Ideas, we can think bigger and better, it’s good for us.

We can all grow.


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