Many ways there are many shades.. of orange, not blue.

Color as we know them, exists by ways of nature. One day we will recreate all the colors of the world and will capture the luminescence of humanities proverbial rainbow. Trapped in a whirlwind of immitation and synthetics.

Only to find, true nature is really our rainbow.

Capture it, find it, cherish it. All the colors of the rainbow depend on what we see as the rainbow and what we peceive the rainbow as it truly is.

We live on the earth, we feed from the earth and we see the earth; when we become what we love the earth lives in us our thoughts and choices, we feed it by giving back a small portion of what we take and it see’s our actions and raises the stakes, increasing the bounty and replenishes us completely.


Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Meaning of Orange by Color Matters

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