Invasive, but beautiful.


We all have friends and people in our lives that fit this description. Some invade our minds, others our lives. We are the dirt, BUT when we let their seeds fall into our lives, we can’t help but watch them take root and grow. We care for them, they become part of our permaculture. Really thr best plants are selexted and cultivated.

We don’t have to let them in, but we do.

For some unapparent reason, we think thoughts like: They makes us look better, when in actuallity we may want to be them, or want what they have. Why? I want to be myself and not envy, admire, or revel in other people’s glory as an effort ro change.

You are beautiful, don’t invade, overpower or gloat; we need to see you for who we don’t want to be. To really truly be ourselves and genuinely be okay with ourselves doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It only requires acceptance of what we were and what we will become.

That beautiful invasive species cannot transform into anything other than a re-creation of itself. Don’t let them take you over to become them; a group l, a trend, or a fad. Make your way, it’s amazing.

Like weeds, people are strong, but our hands are stronger, pull those invasive beautiful people like the weeds they are.

Someone once said, be soul food not eye candy. I was offended at that point I was the eye candy and since, have started cooking my soul food.

It’s been delicious and filling, moreso than the empty calories of candy.

Eat and be merry

Drink and be kind

Work and Strive

Define my drive

A slight change

In my perception

Provides a way

To make each day


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