Staring out the window, visualizing in my head the last 2 weeks of changes; in the weather, the changes in people, staring into oblivion and then Halloween takes over my mind. I want Halloween, I want to be thrilled, not a lot, but a little; spooked maybe and just plain have innocent fun, as we all do, whatever that may be. Looking into my coffee and there sitting next to it is a..

purple spider.

Instantly I want to see that purple spider in my coffee. What would it look like? Will it float? How silly, I think, then I think why not? I grab the spider, go to the sink and wash it carefully. (I still want to drink my spidered coffee) Grinning like a little kid, I noticed; chuckled to myself and excitedly walked over to my coffee and slipped the little purple spider in. Ha Ha Ha (actually truly laughing at this nonsensical idea and it’s entirity, wow I am easily entertained, really?)

I had disbelief of my own enjoyment. But, because I chose to let go of a common norm of how everything is “supposed” to be and just did it (pure joy) enabled me to feel free.

I realized simply that it was worth it, simple fun, a simple action caused a simple joy.

I felt silly=good,

I felt youthful=good,

It was harmless=good.


Adult Halloween is born.

Trick or Treat is the phrase after the knock at the door, why no tricks?

I suggest Adult Trick or Treating.

This concept could be tremendous!

Think about it adult time, a time of night on Halloween only for adults; where you can “be” whatever, whomever you can conjure up in your mind as horrific or as sweet as you can imagine; going door to door expecting to get the shit scared out of you, hence the “trick”..

Or a massive treat that’s a true treat; full size candy bars! All in fun for us to relive our youth or to express some side of ourselves we are unable to in everyday society.

While you’re out this Halloween, look at the costumes, really look and you might learn something about someone inside they are unwillimg to show other times of the year.

Ha, think about all the “sassy” outfits and extreme coatumes. Relating this theory makes you wonder what side of their personality are they trying to show the world?

Funny memory, two guys dressed as boobs one year. One could only think there are mommy issues as they even have a partner in costume, not to be alone. hmm

Ponder your costume, ponder your trick.

Adults can have fun too.

Maybe your coffee lover would enjoy being tricked? Pending how cruel you are a black spider would be right on target this Hallloween.

Be safe, be free, live and let be.

Happy Halloween!


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