Speed is a fortune, but time is an essence. The speed at which we get to our destination, is reflected by the choice of our mode of transportation.

It’s not always the vehicle that takes us there. It’s the choices we make, that drive us, that does.

Ooh, Shiny!


Not quite right.
 The mix is constant, the ingredients pre selected and directions are right on the box. Then why is the first pancake always garbage?
 Because it's a test, a test of mix, integrity, a test of heat, pressure, and a test of taste, expectaion, but it doesn't have to be. Maybe it more about acceptance.

Thinking about a simple process of making breakfast can relate to our every motion. We mix ourselves according to our directions and fry ourselves under pressure and judge our outcome by our completed processes that equal taste.

If it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it's garbage. It's not the fluffy, delicous experience we hope for, we are disapppointed. Often we forget we can throw that first attempt and try again. As with pancakes we get better with every pour. Once all the steps fall into place, we sit together as in most meals, to enjoy our fancy feast.

To sit as a whole with my family to eat, serving all, I sit down to the last serving and there in front of me; the first pancake on my plate. Not perfect, but not garbage either. Acceptable in appearance, it's not the prettiest, but the taste is great.

Not caring that it may not have been the best tasting one, but rather enjoying that someone else was being served perfection and knowing that in full circle it is cycled through each moment we give to each other.

Knowing they can only appreciate it's value if they understand it's worth. Most often it's worth more to them if you value it, value it as a gift to be given and an appreciation forms.

 Just know, your efforts are appreciated.


How can anger be so overpowering and a controlled sense of rightness?  It can be alarmingly present in angry displays of affection.

That made me laugh,

Angry displays of affection..

Thinking back to high school’s later years and public displays of affection would receive infractions toward our honors.

(Mind you my class had 28 in the graduating class, small town. The popular saying was “you’ll have that in a small town”, relating it to anything. Just saying small towns are different, connected moreso, everybody knows everybody.)

Seems backwards, punishment for holding hands or kissing. To think that the behavior should have been encouraged rather. Thinking more now that the lack there of may allow something else to fill it’s void.

Anger. Lack of love for one another. BUT

Only if we let it.

It doesn’t have to be that way, we can be angry and love at the same time! When I think about it, I think of passion; that anger comes from passion, if we didn’t feel passionate about what is affecting us, it wouldn’t affect us, right?

Angry to have woken, some people are. To awake daily in the presence of anger is hard. It will happen, it will affect us, but we can overcome it. We can become the anti-angerist.. not really a term, but maybe it should be.

It’s up to us to deflect what we don’t like and reflect what we do. A concious choice to proclaim our presence. I will not let anger affect mine and nor should you, recognize the passion and appreciate the concern, but deter the negative presence for what it is.. negative.

Protect your mindset, it is yours alone, sometimes it needs to be hard as stone to handle the etchings of our every encounter. We may bear the marks left by the etcher, but see our transformation with etchings as a reminder  of what we once were, what we are today, and what form or shape we become over time. I hope we become the most magnificent statues each that were ever carved.

I will be etched into a turtle; slow moving, steady and home is in my own shell.

This visual helps me when I’m upset.

May your Friday carve the best etchings in your stone to help you suceed in your future statue.

Some days we are marble; some days we are sandstone, either way, we are all mediums of which can be altered at any time in our existance and that’s good!


Many ways there are many shades.. of orange, not blue.

Color as we know them, exists by ways of nature. One day we will recreate all the colors of the world and will capture the luminescence of humanities proverbial rainbow. Trapped in a whirlwind of immitation and synthetics.

Only to find, true nature is really our rainbow.

Capture it, find it, cherish it. All the colors of the rainbow depend on what we see as the rainbow and what we peceive the rainbow as it truly is.

We live on the earth, we feed from the earth and we see the earth; when we become what we love the earth lives in us our thoughts and choices, we feed it by giving back a small portion of what we take and it see’s our actions and raises the stakes, increasing the bounty and replenishes us completely.


Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Meaning of Orange by Color Matters


Invasive, but beautiful.


We all have friends and people in our lives that fit this description. Some invade our minds, others our lives. We are the dirt, BUT when we let their seeds fall into our lives, we can’t help but watch them take root and grow. We care for them, they become part of our permaculture. Really thr best plants are selexted and cultivated.

We don’t have to let them in, but we do.

For some unapparent reason, we think thoughts like: They makes us look better, when in actuallity we may want to be them, or want what they have. Why? I want to be myself and not envy, admire, or revel in other people’s glory as an effort ro change.

You are beautiful, don’t invade, overpower or gloat; we need to see you for who we don’t want to be. To really truly be ourselves and genuinely be okay with ourselves doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It only requires acceptance of what we were and what we will become.

That beautiful invasive species cannot transform into anything other than a re-creation of itself. Don’t let them take you over to become them; a group l, a trend, or a fad. Make your way, it’s amazing.

Like weeds, people are strong, but our hands are stronger, pull those invasive beautiful people like the weeds they are.

Someone once said, be soul food not eye candy. I was offended at that point I was the eye candy and since, have started cooking my soul food.

It’s been delicious and filling, moreso than the empty calories of candy.

Eat and be merry

Drink and be kind

Work and Strive

Define my drive

A slight change

In my perception

Provides a way

To make each day


Why do feelings have to control our actions.? For once, I wish I could act, then feel what the act caused; rather than try to predict and act accordingly.

I want to feel better than I do.

I want to be better than I am.


For the challenge.

To fight..

Fight for what?

At certain times we are lost, lost for a purpose.

What purpose?

To be found or to find, of course.

Find what?


For who?



To share love in the most profound ways.


Empathy, Encouragement, embracing and embarking those around us.

Until we are seen by our peers as we are, we are fighting to be better for a purpose, to find peace in challenges; for we fortake finding ourselves because of the fight.

Accept the challenge and spread love, a smile, a nod or a simple greeting.


Roses are red,

When their not dead.

Violets are blue,

A sad descriptive hue.

Sugar is sweet,

Give it a try.

There is no defeat,

Until we die.

At that point,

There is no consolation prize.



No matter  risk, no matter the prize. Be yourself, your genes, you species your roots can not be changed. That’s what makes you, you.

What you consist of can only be molded into different shapes beginning as a liquid, ending as ash, we as humans are composed of the same elements.

What if our consumptions of the elements around us, changing our evolution, maybe not be for the reasons we think? What if every cell, every atom, has memory? A glimpse of sometbing, anything contained in that protein layer of existance.

When we consume different foods we are assuming the traits of what we consume are going to our stomach and that’s our last thought about it. But what if what we are consuming  is consuming us from the inside, maybe we absorb these protiens, this information we may be unaware of, circulating within our essence of being. When synthetic replace the existing natural, do we become “synthetic”?

Garbage in, garbage out. Our output is a byproduct of our input.

Our bodies like rhythm and the process in which we regulate our consumptions; possibly on the thought of, is what I am about to consume going to evolve me into the existence I strive to become?

Too heavy.

Really though, the doctor said to me 8-12 servings of fruits and vegtables, I said “A Day?” “Yes, a day!” she replied. “Your BMI is in check, but are you “really” healthy?” (quite presumptious) which hesitantly in more of a question than reply I say “Um, I’m not, right?” I entertained this shock for a moment and reply, what if I forage and eat what I find and it’s not technically a vegtable, like nettle heads, wild edibles, mushrooms, nuts and berries..   maybe a bug? More consfused than ever the doctor replies maybe that’s why the nutritions charts lists “greens” realizing, the toy she has become.

Mushrooms for example. People love them, people hate them. Did you know those little guys feed the smaller trees. Have you ever wondered how those “baby” trees get food in amongst the bigger more prominent trees. Mushrooms! They bridge the gap and connect the roots of mismatching species to feed the smaller trees what they are lacking. (below Inky Tops)


Looking and seeing what’s in front of us isn’t easy as: yes this is this and that is that. There are always questions and there is always understanding or to be considered, pondering more with each thought. If we understand who we are, by remembering where we came from; we can know ourself and truly be ok with ourselves. The mushrooms don’t care if you thinj they are slimy, gross or delicious, they have a job to do, a purpose.


Judgements will always be cast, there is no doubt about that, but, if you entertain them rather than sucumb to them, your time spent can be joyful.

To see your cake is joy and to eat it is happiness.

Have your cake and eat it, too.

I’ll bake another, you’ll take another. Once you are full, you will bake for others, knowing the joy that arises and happiness that follows.

Grandma would say “You’ll catch more fly’s with honey, than with vinegar.”

Be kind, be sweet. This coming from a woman who told stories of packed school lunches of lard and sugar sandwiches. “Times were hard.” she would say. “But you’ve got today, and it’s not hard today.”

The joy of knowing today leads to tomorrow always pleased her. I didn’t understand as a child, but now it’s clear.


Joy is the unexpected, the anticipated, the excited, just the sheer possibility that ANYthing CAN happen. Be you.






I made a friend today.

Walking along

Never before could we be this way

Walking side by side

Enjoying the views,

Sharing our news

Feeling great today.

She reminds me to look up

Look down

Look all around.

Check that bug on the ground

She bobs her head

Yes, she nods

It’s a new sight we have found.

Together, just a couple of hens

we find their hiding spot.


A chicken of the woods

Is what we caught.