Its hard to be the diffuser.
Who’ll diffuse me?
To be the exhillerator
The instagator
The advocator
Is endlesssee
In the pursuit
To others’ happiness.

I once read, in a Stephen King novel upon to me strikes inspiration, that this life is a life of service onto another toward the next step, benevelance.

For some reason it has stuck with me, and I recall it often in adverse situations. Maybe, only, to appease those moments of discomfort and to exonerate those feelings quickly.

A form of scapegoat that is viable.

I like it, a blame on “all that is” and not “what or who” that it is, seems easy. Our brains are easily tricked if we find the right practical justification. Add an image, an infographic and it’s sealed. Permenantly embedded in our minds.

Let’s use this for good, for joy.

We can accomplish trickery of our own minds to encapsulate the balanced lives we all strive for, toward better. Being better, as a whole toward values of a shared benefit, we can all gain from.

Stop blaming and start servicing, says my brain, the world needs every service you have to offer, for the greater good. Be of service, in service, and at your service for anyone who asks; and especially for those who don’t.

Eyes aren’t just windows, they are periscopes that see the path in which they are pointed. Move your sight open your lens and broaden your aperture.

When it rains; the rain washes clean any surface exposed to that element, so expose yourself, refresh who you are, and be your best.

I believe in you.


Digitizing Your Senses

I hope you smile today, you deserve it. You don’t have to, it’s not “expected” just appreciated. Laugh at your mistakes, view life objectively.

Read in between the lines, for there lies the truth.

The person before you, truly can only be seen and interpretted in the flesh, presented in the right tone. Digitizing our lives loses a sense of existence leaves to many questions open to interpretation. Computing who we are, we lose something in translation.

There’s a reason Steve Jobs didn’t allow his children to use technology. He thought it was unhealthy and distracts us from life. He knew something we didn’t. Algorhythms to simulate your brains processes, how and when. We see what we are told and forget to act as we think.

I hope today after you compute your life you get to experience your life as well.

Smell something new, taste something sweet, see something beautiful, feel some thing warm, and hear music; even if it’s a song in your head, enjoy your senses and be you.

Smile for who you are is like no other. A smirk, a grin, a slight passion from withing escapes within those looks, to the eyes of the beholder to catch and carry with them, only if seen first hand.

Uniquely alike, but your still always you; sharing your life with those around you, they need you to.

Profile I see you, but you are as I created you.

Don’t digitize your senses, play as you were made to; like a child making mud pie. There’s always mud if you are willing to shape it.



Suprising to me, is the freedom of speech; when we feel no one is listening. A sense of peace if no one is listening.

Don’t judge.

I’m not the only woman on earth that’s confusing.

There’s a whole world of wanting to be heard, but wanting to be silent at the same time. I realize; the thought that remains after the judgment is cast, is but a shell of the original intent.

Like the bank of the river, washing away each layer.


Intentions are tricky, they lead you one direction only to find yourself misplaced in another.

As you wish, do as you will.





Food Supply: Innovation Tool


Hone in on what needs to be.

Diverge into the unknown.

We as people can do great things.

As I invent, I think of the world. Working to provide a key impact.

One we will remember for our development in the most unerdeveloped places to help generations to come.

Our invention can grow food even in adverse conditions. Places where water is scarce and dry climates prevail. It can protect the plant while it grows and feed the plant in the process. It blocks weeds and protects from compaction. It allows you to garden without having time to garden.. perfection.

As a world on the verge of limited food supply, our idea will enable people everywhere be able to grow anywhere.

Patent pending.

How we grow may change in just a short time.

To grow without chemicals and produce better results is possible! We can have more food with less maintenance in our gardens and even grow in less than desired growing conditions.

More time

More food

It’s exciting to think of the opportunity to tell our children, “go outside and pick some veggies for dinner.”

We’ve been gardening for years and have come upon this idea through trial and error in our own garden. Realizing there just isn’t a ecofriendly viable solution for plant protection from the elements and barriers we face in our gardening experiences. We needed a better option, without having one invented one.

Focusing on the soil raher than just the plant. Brings us back to our roots by caring and focusing on the plants roots to developmemtally change the way we think we should grow.  A new method for a new generation, a gardening era is among us as we are a part of the green revolution.

I am excited to bring this product to market, we can’t wait to see the impact this great innovation has to offer.






Feel your touch,

the pressure behind it.

Feel your look,

the heat inside it.

Many days, all the same,

I feel trapped beside you.

You want what you want,

want what you will.

I’ve had enough,

I’ve had my fill.

I can’t provide,

the things you want.

Nary a way,

anyone could.

I have a choice,

and so do you.

We choose our pain, yet we,

live our lives with the stain.

Attention we cherish,

as the memories parish.

What once was,

never. will be.

Today is today,

tomorrow is unseen.

Live by the light,

inside of thee.

Once you’re over the wall,

you will see.

Walls will falter,

the trail will follow.

The trail you left for me,

is all I can see.

Looking back,

rubble lasts longer.

Follow the trail,

over the wall.

Is where I’ll always be,

it’s, where you’ll find me.

Climb the walls,

fight the fight.

Do whatever it takes,

to make things right.

The choice is yours,

Don’t put out the light.

Blush.. before and after

Disscussing the process of identifying animals; the differences between species, differences between male and female for the love of a great debate.

Are turkey heads red? Are turkey heads blue? So easily our answers are determined, but rarely fact checked.

I felt confident the answer is red and males are blue and didn’t even think twice about how or why I know this, but persistant still the same.

I was wrong.. they are Both.. plus white.


You thought you had a tell for being excited.. shakey, smirking, or blushing maybe, but to have your whole head change color is surprising.

Did you know that Turkeys blush? Their heads CHAMGE COLOR. How dramatic to type in caps, yes, I am yelling! I’m in shock. Wanting to believe it for my own eyes, the hunt for turkeys, AND I found them today.


17 wild turkeys and no two had the same color head! After chasing them down the road a bit, they all turned blue. I’m still amazed even seeing it happen before me.

They can change the color of their head from red to blue to even white, wow, impressive.

One debate led to one experience and will be carried with me for a lifetime.

Ponder and explore. There is always more to learn everyday, even if you think you already know the answers stay open minded.

Moon Man

I realize something today. It being that the full moon affects people more than we think.

High tides causing swelled pressures we endure from the phases. Heightened sense of who we are. A passionate form that we let rule our beings for days at a time during the cycles.

Do you ever snap out of a phase and say, wow that was dramatic. To have let our lives be ruled without ruling them or not taking responsibilities for our actions, allows us to feel out of control justifiably.

When all else fails blame the moon and hold it together, it’s just a phase and a great beer. Thank you New Glarus brewing; you understand.

The Lights Out

Find things. that make you happy.

Look to people for new inspiration.

A muse could be waiting.

To take you on as an apprentice.

Clear your thoughts,

Clear your mind.

It doesn’t cost a dime,

Only takes some time.

Time is money.

Open your eyes and you will see,

There is a light in the lighthouse.

It may be farther than you can see.

But, It’s always on,

Even when you can’t see it.

Bright, but clouded,

Mists covering what normally is seen.

I’ll leave the light on.
A little light is all you need.

It’s where you will,

always be able to find me.