pure joy

pure pain

purity is all the same

we feel, we fret

we just need to sweat

hard work and little pay

is what we expect

days go by

we expect what we earn

because it’s what we deserve.

put in the time

you’ll earn your dime.

no you won’t, it’s mine.

save your day

break your way

into a new mindset

with every sunset

there is a sunrise

you will be you

time is yours

to do as you wish

who knows


you’ll catch a fish.

lesson learned

and skill remains

what will you learn today?


Dad says “chaos in our lives happens, so we remember the times” look back, more often we easily remember the chaos more readily.

Without chaos, there is no order.

With balance, the weight of our manners and poise can be cultivated.

A hard concept for some, but not an unachievable one. A grandeloquent display of ourselves isn’t always necessary.

Be humble and be modest. The past doesn’t exist today, the future doesn’t exist today, but the present does; each day is waiting to be opened as if it were a present. You may  not like the gift you receive that day, but you can use it to the best of your ability. Change it, exchange it, repurpose it, expand it; some gifts/days are more pratical than others.

We don’t always get what we want, for good reason. Selfish wanting monsters we would become. The good, the bad and the ugly, have to exist to appreciate the worse , the better and the beautiful.

Unpoised expressions hinders the best minds, poise is power at your fingertips.

We have all the tools to do the job right, all within our own fingertips.

Stand up a wave, even a greeting, a casual hello may have more impacting power than any job completed that day.


“Happy Friday!”

May your day today be poised and prominent.

With or Without chaos; everyday is a new present to open.

This one opened today.



Drip, Drop. Wait for it…



Every drip that drops bounces as it goes.

Like people, we have to shapeshift be consumed and grow into something different, something bigger and better.


OR.. we’re consumed entirely and eaten whole.

I prefer the former of the two, it’s all about perspective and perception of your tasks and functions. Motivated and mused into the right perspective we can allow ourselves to perceive our existance as is before us, in a better light. Sometimes the mirror of our lives isn’t picture perfect, but we all can figurativly straighten up.

One example, dress as you feel; feeling joy, genuine joy in the products and materials around you. Their effects sneak into our minds as a perspective shifter and sometimes not liking something enables us the forsight of changing that dislike.

Our proverbial reflection I’ve noticed one example can be  of our homes, things we like and don’t about it; instead think “what can I do” even a small task or simple step towards betterment, feels better. Progress.

Big Picture Ideas, we can think bigger and better, it’s good for us.

We can all grow.


Excite with Sight


Sometimes stopping to “smell” the flowers isn’t necessary.

Sometimes all you can do is stand and stare; you are captivated by it’s beauty, invited by it’s charm and gifted with feelings of it’s presence.

They are there for us all, look and we can find them together. Enjoy them and appreciate every bit of growth; aspire to bloom your blossom. Feed your roots, add some sunshine and the sky is the limit.


You’re Safe

Life is like a Rollercoaster.. there are a lot of ups and downs; exhilerating and scary, but just know we are all strapped in and safe.

You are safe in the comfort of your mind. There, no one can intrude.

You are you and you are great! No matter the little negative thoughts that sneak in. (3,000 a day) what matters are the counter thoughts. Counter yourself, question yourself, and choose.

Choice is power and no one can give you your choice, that will always be yours to choose. “Scratch your mad spot and get over it” my dad would say.

He was stubborn and so am I. I would love to share my gift of stubbornness with you, be stubborn; it’s okay, we all are for one thing or another. In my mind stubborn=will.

This may not be “correct” per se, but to be willing to stand up for what you believe in takes will power and a bit of stubborn power helps glue you together.



You have the way, you have the power, just add a little will.

Will you?



Yes, you will because you are willing.



You’ve Got Mail

Once upon a time a little girl ran and ran and ran, but she didn’t know what she was running toward. She thought it were a man, but it could not stand on it's own. She thought it was a bug, but it could not fly alone. Running, too afraid to see what her catcher will need. Would he be handsome, would he be rich, would he be merry.. or bury her in a ditch?
Only, there she was too afraid, but time to look behind; seeing only a line, trailing behind up to her. But looking ahead closer to the dim is but a shimmer, a glisten, even a twitch. Up to where she can see, every stitch, every patch and knee. Mr. Postman, Mr. Postman look and see. Is there a letter, a letter for me? She waited for his reply.
Only to be.

No mail today..