There was one and then it grew some more.

There were 2 and then 4.

Now there are 6.


Rainy day bliss.


Unsettled within

Shaking, figit, twigit; is that a thing?

Jumping, jumping, jump; how high is enough?

You say jump, I say when?

As though you’re stepping im too close.

To make eye contact with your twin.

Fill in the blanks, where you can’t see; what you see is what you are, you are me.

Two is who you can’t see, for he is he and I am me.

Look beyond to foresee; the miirror, I cannot pretend is me.

You are free, free to be.

Inside out

My body ISN’T for you.

It’s for me to possess, a possession I own for a short time. Look at me, but don’t just see my outline. As is yours to you, not mine.

We all have a shape, and it’s what fills the space we occupy with that impacts the world. Hopefully for the betterment of all.

A genuine persona of individuality. You are an individual. You are unique. You are special.

Look at your shape with confidence, it is you and no one else. It’s your time, your occupancy; use it wisely, as our time that we occupy this space is limited.

Move freely and don’t let your outline or mine define. Shapes and colors from all mothers we are born one of a kind.



Are these paintbrushes?

Have you ever had a secret so big you can’t share. The impacts; the cause, the effect, and the lingering thoughts, every bit affects the holder. Exciting, exhilerating.. there’s good and bad secrets affecting everyone differently.

Secrets are futile.

They benefit no one, yet they benefit everyone.

Where’s my book titled..

” Earth, we’re living all wrong. Living here is about unity.”

The weight of our secrets are carried in our health, in our physical weight and our personalities.

If I were to tell you these are paint brushes and the endless amount of paintings that could be created with here; there are so many it’s amazing! Would you believe me?


Would you take the time to look, really look and notice something is off, a little odd? Noticing, if you chose to, that each tip is not prepared for creativity. Each tip serving the purpose of protection, working together in unity to form a blanket of layered shelter.(they’re not paint brushes)

Often I feel taking others word over my own eyes has failed me. Believe what you see and focus in closely to see the real picture. Not just what you want to see. Like optical illusions have taught us, to stare at a broken bridge and our eyes will naturally fill in the missing piece.

Life is an optical illusion that we need to take time to view and decifer what we see.


Birds of a feather, flock together.. they fly until they die.

Like the feathers here, we have layers; each more intricate than only the tips that show. We have to watch out, be heard and be silent all at the same time.

Secrets or not; we all have eyes, and can see the truth.

See life for what it is, the empty spaces can’t just be visually filled in, they need to be repaired properly. You can pretend to see whatever you can fathom, it still doesn’t make it real.

Don’t be chicken, cross the road and when life gives you cracked eggs, make egg nog!


Daily Why Answer

I am always asking why; this or that, I should be be asking do I really need to know the answer?

After adding this “do I really need to know the answer” to my daily why’s, I feel a sense of relief, that maybe I don’t.

It’s kind of peaceful.

It’s helping determine the goal, the priority, and helps differentiate what’s necessary.

We don’t need reasons, answers, justifications or analysis from outside sources. We need peace more than answers. Answers create more questions.

Peace is key.

We are smaller than we think and bigger than we act.

We all have a basket we carry. The weight is up to us.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is risky, but it’s your choice to walk on the edge, to carry all the weight everyday.

If you hide all your eggs in the woods, in a quick response to protect them, the solution is temporary.20170911_181413

Hidden from the surrounding world.

Our eggs are each a symbol of what new thing we are about to hatch throughout our lives.

Some break and some hold strong. How we take care of them/us prolongs their expiration.

Hatch yours the way you need them to grow. Store what you want to save and carry what you want to use, don’t overhaul your prospects.


Nothing more, nothing less.

Some eggs are hidden and some are exposed.

Dancing Queen


I love your style, I love your depth. How your darkness draws others in and how the brightness shys others away.

Many of the onlookers see your charisma, the fluidity of grace appealing to their sights. Yet are not close enough to smell or taste the fright.

You are a dancing queen, a prodigy of life. As I follow your trail, then can it be revealed, you’re a stink bug and always will be.

Green Shield bug I am you and you are me.


Looming Up



Move too quickly and we’ll miss what lies at our feet. Creatures who will never see the day as we often do. Not being able to see very much past the jumps of life they are about to take is a task they endure for their livlihood. We can see past our next jump, it’s where we land and where we go that lead us on our paths home.

Look up, but also don’t forger to look down sometimes too.